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Miranda Lukaniuk

For President IATSE873

No member left behind!

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About Miranda

Miranda Lukaniuk started in Film at 6 years old. As a member of ACTRA Toronto, she has been an advocate for background performers rights. She took a pause from the film business and studied political science at U of T. She did not finish however earned credits for a minor in policy writing.

She had left Univeristy because she was invited to work In 2003 for Greenpeace Toronto under OPEIU and then eventually was transfered to Greenpeace International. She helped organize Greenpeace workers into unionization in Europe.

Then in 2011 Miranda returned to Canada and joined IATSE873. She worked for years in the props, special effects and the costume department where she finally joined as a costumer while raising a family.

Her experience in all different departments and her keen respect for unions makes her a witness to many things that inspire her to come up with solutions, and strengthen what works well already!

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Here is my agenda

Our constitution

We must Honor and uphold our constitution; we must ensure that no member is left behind with regards to their human rights within and outside of our constitution. We must also continue the work to examine and strengthen our constitution.

Our Collective agreement

Our collective agreement must be honored by our employers and continue to strengthen it by having a heavy focus in involving the greater membership in the process of negotiation.


I have a passion for gaining the trust of our membership for Internal accountability of our governing board and committees. I want all our members to be proud of the work that our executive board and committees are doing.

Membership Involvement

I have a passion to encourage membership to attend and participate in meetings! I want to make it my special project to Continue to examine ways to encourage every member to understand how our union works for us! No member left behind!


The biggest complaint is the new changes to our health plan. Feedback from many members is that the membership was not involved with the decision making of these changes.


Many members have been criticizing the culture surrounding the rules of seniority. This is one of the most delicate issues in our union and is almost the longest standing “elephant in the room” I would like to at the very least work on the issue of ageism and dismantle this animosity. I would like our entire membership to be involved! No member left behind.


The Past executive board has done tremendous work in social justice in our workplace, and with our constitution. Having an internal UNION HR department is quite a step forward. I will work to continue to strengthen the process of our trials and complaint process so that more members are comfortable with coming forward to resolve member to member harassment and bullying.

Mental Health

It was a difficult task for this past executive board governing during the time of Covid 19. This has affected us all. There are tremendous resources this union has to offer for our members who suffer from mental health and substance abuse. This is also something that needs to be strengthened especially with the rise of this caused by COVID 19.


A strong Local with a distinguished reputation is a local that is united like a loving family. A loving family will always lift their blood relatives. We must all keep in mind that the experience that productions who come here from the US is an important factor in their decision to come. If we are a local that is known for a friendly work environment with well rounded skilled workers. Workers that have the wisdom and knowledge of the elders and the advanced skills from new technology. Then our collective bargaining negotiations with will stronger!


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